OpenDataSoft Smart Cities Solution

OpenDataSoft enables corporations to aggregate data from IoT sources, transform it to relevant format enabling exploration and share it accordingly to foster new services.

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OpenDataSoft Smart Cities Solution enables smart territories to aggregate and bring value to all their data in one unified hub. We streamline all required operations needed for extracting, transforming, embed in clean visualizations and analysis tools, and automate export through third parties websites or services such as mobile apps or tools for further analysis. We aims to foster access and reuse of data between business parties and the public in a controlled and secured environment.

Our platform processes your data, allowing users to add facets to more easily search through and filter your data and create appropriate visualizations based on the information. We don’t stop there, however. With each dataset published, an API is generated with querying, aggregating, and filtering capabilities. This API allows your data to be easily connected into applications and reused far and wide. We go further than that. OpenDataSoft's platform enables our clients to build real time ioT based use-cases thanks to the platform’s unique ability to collect data from different systems and then to push them onto the platform in an automated process.


OpenDataSoft by Bruce, Head of Innovation at a utility company from OpenDataSoft on Vimeo.


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OpenDataSoft logo Q2 2017 Released
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