World-Wide Streams

IoT stream processing.

SaaS IoT
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World-Wide Streams is a distributed stream processing platform that offers easy onboarding of streams and devices, a rich transformation language to process streams and “serverless” deployment across central and edge clouds. The platform unifies the creation, deployment and execution of data and media processing pipelines.


Key concepts

The World-Wide Streams platform addresses emerging requirements for IoT stream processing. It offers large-scale, geographically distributed, stream processing for data as well as for media streams.

A new breed of software platforms is required – platforms that provide open, scalable, efficient, and programmable support for streaming data and fast-changing user context. Such open and programmable access to live streams will disrupt the way we consume and share streaming data, much like the original World-Wide Web disrupted the way we consume and share predominantly stored data.

Design principles:
Everything is a stream

Data, audio, video, events, logs, … are all just streams to us.

Distributed data

Ingesting, processing, combining, and delivering large numbers of streams in real-time between geographically distributed sources and sinks.

Dynamic search

Dynamic search to find the appropriate streams among a large, fast-changing set of ephemeral data sources.

Stream mashups

Developers can create stream-mashup services that dynamically discover and combine relevant live streams in real-time.

Distributed deployment

The WWS infrastructure transparently spans across user devices, the edge cloud, and the central cloud. Author centrally, deploy distributed


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nokiabelllabs logo Nokia Bell Labs Q1 2017 Alpha
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