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Nokia and its partners collaborate on the Nokia Innovation Platform to deliver innovative solutions that change the world in the area of transportation, connected industries, smart cities and safety and security. Our partners are startups, SMEs and Tech Giants from all over the world. They bring their expertise and innovations in diverse areas like connected objects, artificial intelligence or virtual reality.

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Projects that matter

With Nokia, join one of the most innovative IoT projects around the world, and deploy your technology in real life pilots.

You get access to the world, learning and validate opportunities and create great references that you can use later on. And maybe that’s just the beginning of our journey together.

Go global

As one of the Nokia’s innovation partners, you will benefit from Nokia’s global reach, which will enable business opportunities worldwide, and can accelerate your international development.

As a global company, we have the business infrastructure to support our partners across the globe.


As one of the Nokia’s registered innovation partners, you will benefit from additional visibility: starting with this web portal where your brand will be visible, your solutions featured on the portfolio, through various communication initiatives around projects we will have together.


Innovating in partnership with Nokia and other ecosystem members gives you a very important advantage: you can focus your resources where you will make a difference, and rely on partners to bring the pieces that are needed, but not your specialty.

Operating servers, configuring networks, flying a drone. We are taking care of you, so you keep building on your strengths.

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