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With the Nokia Innovation Platform, industries can create the future of their domains, taking advantage of the innovative capabilities offered by Nokia and its partners in the context of projects.

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Key benefits of the platform

Accelerate digital innovation with a full spectrum of enablers

The Nokia Innovation Platform gives access to all the technologies that Nokia and ecosystem partners develop. These enable digital transformation innovation projects of our customers in vertical segments. Thanks to the Platform as a service environment, and the rapid development tools provided in the platform, our customers can quickly assemble these enablers into new business applications, and experiment with them.

Wireless connectivity

Nokia Innovation Platform is able to provide secure communication across multiple wireless access standards to connect the sensors and devices to our platform, including :
- LoRa,
- 4G-to-5G,
- LTE-M / NB-IoT,
- MulteFire.

Distributed infrastructure

Our infrastructure solution includes central cloud services and network core services available all around the world.

For some applications requiring ultra-low latency, cloud services can also be brought in a local mobile edge computing closer to the radio network to achieve lowest latency and highest throughput.

IoT services

Our IoT services offer device management capabilities designed for rapid, remote deployment of any device, sensor, meter, or module. We support almost all current IoT device management standards.

It also provides data collection layers that facilitate data acquisition as well as fault and power monitoring, provisioning, configuration and remote diagnostics.

Platform as-a-service

Developers can build upon our Platform as a Service (PaaS) solutions to develop or customize their applications. They are able to control the software deployment with minimal configuration options, and the Nokia Innovation PaaS provides the networks, servers, storage, OS, 'middleware' (i.e.; java runtime, .net runtime, integration, etc.), database and other services to host the applications.

A full ecosystem of
services & applications

Services and applications built on top of open source technologies or provided by Nokia and its partners will enrich our service catalog to provide innovative solutions for IoT vertical markets.

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Explore the future with Nokia Bell Labs

Nokia Bell Labs shapes our industries vision on the future of networks, and the Nokia Innovation Platform gives our customers early access to it.

With the platform, our customers can experiment with the latest breakthroughs and innovations from Nokia Bell Labs. Also, they can count on our world class research capacity to push the boundaries and remove technical roadblocks on the path towards large scale automation.

Examples of Nokia Bell Labs technologies featured in the platform are: World Wide Streams (large-scale distributed real-time processing and analytics of data streams), FutureTrust (blockchain-based liability system) and 5th Generation wireless networks.

Open ecosystem collaboration

Our customers need a broad set of technologies to invent and build the future of their industries. Some of these technologies are needed across domains, and form a kind of general purpose digital fabric: this is typically what the Nokia Innovation Platform provides.

But this is not sufficient: our customers also need innovative domain-specific algorithms, devices, services and applications. These are typically developed and brought to market by a myriad of innovative startups worldwide. Take autonomous driving algorithms as an example.

This is why Nokia builds and nurtures an ecosystem of innovation partners around the platform, so that our customers eventually find the resources they need to build innovative end to end solutions. This ecosystem grows as a result of the Nokia Open Innovation Challenge that Nokia runs every year, and as a result of the projects that our customers run on the platform.

Lean innovation with as-a-service model

The Nokia Innovation Platform is made available as a service to innovators in verticals. There is no need for upfront capital expenditure in servers and wireless infrastructure as Nokia provides all the required equipment to enable the innovation projects. No need for software installation, operations, maintenance: it's all taken care of by our teams and our partners.

Vertical innovators can keep their focus on building their applications and running their business experiments.

The result: lower investments, lower risks, faster decisions and implementation.