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Artificial Intelligence, as a service.
SaaS Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Hyper-Personalization Automation
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Craft ai is AI as a service.
Our hosted API enables your services to learn every day: provide a personalized experience to each user and automate complex tasks.


The first high level Artificial Intelligence API enabling Machine Learning at the individual level that generates whitebox decision models on the fly.


User experience
1:1 personalized UX

Fancy dashboards and generic push notifications are widely used to engage with customers and ultimately turn them into loyal fans, especially in traditional industries. Truth is, they are overwhelming and feel like spam.
Craft ai makes it possible to push the right message at the right time for each user and deliver a personalized UX that continuously adapts to user behaviors & preferences.

Coaching app
Adaptive program

With the rise of affordable connected sensors, coaching apps are now supposed to help us staying healthy and even losing weight. But failing to go beyond generic advice, their actual impact will only last a couple of weeks.
With craft ai, coaching apps continuously adapt to each user and provide actionable advice at the right time, just like a personal coach.

Knowledge work automation
Proactive Assistant

Dashboards have been great companions for data visualization, but always fallen short of providing decision support capabilities. With the amount of data growing faster than ever, dashboards must become proactive to remain efficient tools.
craft ai makes it possible to automatically learn expertise and apply it to incoming business data to automate knowledge work and help people make better decisions, faster.

Chat Bot
Individualized experience

Chat Bots have (almost) mastered the art of processing natural language, which make them good at understanding what we ask of them. Great!… Wait…how are they better than FAQ and forms if they’re not capable of providing useful answers or getting things done without asking dozens of questions?
Powered by craft ai, Chat Bots learn each user behaviors and leverage that knowledge to instantly provide answers, in context…the kind we always expect!

Key concepts

Craft ai is a high level API with just what you need to bring AI to your service.

Agent architecture

Craft ai is based on an “always-on” agent architecture enabling continuous learning. The agent automated workflow includes features extraction, samples extraction, classification and regression.

1:1 level

Agent learns at the individual level: anything from user and connected thing to whole building or complex system. Each agent computes data and context to deliver adaptive decision models.

Explainable AI

Craft ai API generates white-box models to achieve explainable AI. AI should be easy to integrate by developers and easy to trust by end-users, not a black box you have no control over.

Cloud & local

Craft ai implements an hybrid approach: it learns in the cloud and generates decision models that can be embedded in apps & things. No latency, no loss of information.

Context enrichment

Craft ai retrieves and preprocesses additional context data to provide improved, actionable decision models: raw data finally makes sense.


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